Which Sub Zero Refrigerator is the Best? Top 3 Picks

Sub Zero has powered the food preservation industry since 1945 and is the leading luxury kitchen appliance provider. If you want to upscale your kitchen, you need to invest in high-quality kitchen appliances, and the most important serviced appliance is a refrigerator. Sub Zero refrigerators are made from premium materials and are designed to fit with the aesthetic of your existing kitchen decor.

We have created a list of the top Sub Zero refrigerators in 2022, so you can make an informed decision and choose accordingly.
Sub Zero BI42SDO 42”
If you want crispier greens and vegetables to last longer, go for Sub Zero BI42SDO. It is a built-in side-by-side refrigerator that is made with advanced preservation technology. Its dual refrigeration feature enables you to store fresh foods in a chilly and humid climate and gives frozen foods the dry air they need to thrive.

Moreover, you can control the temperature, and other refrigerator features remotely with WiFi connectivity.
Key Features
Comes with an external dispenser that delivers filtered ice and water.
Equipped with a NASA-inspired air purification system that fights spoilage.
The doors have a magnetic seal that locks in the cold.
A microprocessor provides pinpoint temperature control.
Sub Zero 648PRO
This Sub Zero refrigerator made quite an impact when it was first introduced in the U.S. market and quickly became the staple of every American household. The refrigerator has a bold exterior and a vast interior made from stainless steel and offers durability and efficiency. It also has a dual refrigeration feature, enabling you to store fresh and frozen foods side-by-side without affecting their taste.
Key Features
The magnetic seal door prevents cool air from escaping even when the power goes out, reducing the chances of your food going bad.
You can install it directly with the surrounding equipment or add accessory panels for freestanding.
Equipped with an automatic ice maker with an advanced filtration system.
Multiple LED lights are attached, which can be controlled to brighten or dim the interior.
Sub Zero BI30UGORH 30”
If you have limited space in your kitchen but want to ensure your fruit, vegetables, and cooked meals last longer and remain fresh, invest in Sub Zero BI30UGORH. Despite its Sub Zero refrigerator smaller size, it provides sufficient storage capacity and is suitable for frozen and fresh foods due to its dual refrigeration feature. This built-in over-and-under refrigerator also has a NASA-inspired purification system that eliminates bacteria, viruses, mold, and ethylene gas from the environment.
Key Features
Microprocessor offers temperature control within one degree of setpoint.
The glass door is UV-resistant and triple pane.
Dual refrigeration and sealed magnetic doors keep the cold locked in and the produce fresher.
It also accepts custom panels to match other Sub Zero appliances.
You can control and monitor temperature remotely with Wi-Fi connectivity.
You can find Sub Zero refrigerators in multiple sizes and styles and easily choose one according to your needs, preferences, space, and budget. Thanks to its luxury feel and high-performance features, you can simply enhance the look of your kitchen with a single upgrade.

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