Lavender Fields about the Island of Hvar

The leading spot for cultivation of lavender in Croatia is situated over the island of Hvar. Lavender is appreciated for its professional medical properties and characteristic fragrance. It mostly thrives on the hills and also the rocky slopes around the island of Hvar.

The very first bush of lavender, around the island of Hvar, was planted in 1928. A cultivation of lavender improved in 1960 when lavender was planted within the 600 hectares and acquired about twenty lots of lavender oil. The golden duration of Hvar's lavender lasted for approximately twenty years. The cultivation of lavender began to lessen with progress of tourism and olive escalating. Also, three large fires around the island produced an enormous damage to the lavender fields. The lavender fields today spread in only eighty hectares and develop about a few to 5 a ton of oils.

Lavender blooms in the long run of June and the start of July. The fields of lavender are likely to delight you with its fragrance and intensive violet blue colour in that time period.

Several travelers like to visit the island when lavender blooms to determine the unusual phenomenon of wonderful hues.

Over the island of Hvar, Lavender is generated within an environmentally healthier way. Sowing and harvesting are completed manually.

Lavender is suggested for tension and for strengthening the immune system. It can also be made use of as drugs for a variety of conditions. Lavender will help for burns and insect bites. You need to use it with your closet for defense against moths. Also, lavender can be used to be a spice in several dishes, soups and deserts.

By distillation of lavender bouquets, crucial Prestige Lavender Fields oil is obtained - the oil is useful for system therapeutic massage, sizzling baths and for scented candle. Huge quantity of dried bouquets is necessary to get a liter of crucial lavender oil. Except critical oil, lavender can be employed being a tea. The lavender flowers are used for preparing of tea with stunning result towards bronchial asthma, coronary heart nervousness and cramps inside the gut.

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