Preventing a Sore Penis From the Male Chastity Cage

In general, most Males like to prevent something that may make a sore penis. Certainly one of The explanations a man pays focus to superior penis care is so his penis won't be sore when given the opportunity to go into motion. But some men do get pleasure from certain sexual roles which, although they offer them with pleasure, might also cause a sore penis. One this sort of condition can happen each time a male enjoys wearing a male chastity cage (or likewise male chastity system) all-around his penis.

This offers a bit of a catch-22 circumstance. Again and again a person who enjoys owning his penis bound up inside a male chastity cage is additionally a man who prefers to interact in submissive Engage in at the same time,which yet again can generally produce the penis and/or balls being manhandled or otherwise inflicted with varying levels of agony. And in truth, one of the purposes of the chastity cage is to offer soreness if the penis gets erect. So does a man having a chastity cage actually want to avoid a sore penis?

The solution differs

There is no hard and fast respond to to this problem, but an incredibly basic rule of thumb is likely to be that if a person's expertise which has a chastity cage is relegated to purpose enjoying, instead of to what could be termed a Way of life preference, he is probably much more leery of Small Chastity Cage the sore penis resulting from his activities. To put it differently, if a man likes to spend two or three hrs participating in a submissive position to a associate that features the use of a cage for several several hours, he is most likely not in the market for a lingering sore penis knowledge. Conversely, if the man will not look at his submissiveness as a role he is taking part in but far more as an expression of who he basically is, he can be much more inclined to look at penis suffering as being a welcome aspect impact of having his penis imprisoned in a cage.

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